Testing & Compliance

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Compliance Testing

Thermal Scanning

Thermal scanning is an effective technique used for inspecting switchboards, motors and other electrical equipment in your business. We work with commercial clients across Sydney, offering thermal scanning for switchboards that can detect small issues before they become major problems. Using specialist infrared cameras, we can scan switchboards and motors to detect faulty wiring and potentially dangerous buildups of heat.

Thermal scanning provides us with a full picture of your electrical systems. Conducted on an annual basis, electrical thermal scanning forms an important part of workplace safety procedures and allows businesses to meet their insurance obligations. We provide you with a detailed report that can be passed onto your insurance company and safety officer.

Workplace Safety

Testing & Tagging

We provide test and tagging services for your business' electrical assets. Every year, businesses are required to undertake regular test and tag inspections of their electrical assets as part of their workplace safety obligations.

We use the latest portable appliance testers to inspect your assets and ensure they are compliant with AS3760, helping to keep your staff, customers and guests safe. Inspection intervals depend on the type of equipment and how it’s used, so our electricians design testing programs that meet your business’ needs. We provide detailed reports for all test and tag work, and we offer asset registers that allow you to track the condition of your assets.

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Commercial Testing

RCD Test & Trip Time

RCDs (safety switches) play a critical role in the safety of your business, and they should be tested regularly as part of your preventative maintenance procedures. Retail shops, offices, commercial and industrial premises are required to have their RCDs professionally tested on an annual basis. These checks test the system’s trip time to ensure it complies with AS3760. 

We provide testing for all commercial RCDs. Our team will test your equipment to ensure it works as intended, providing the protection your business needs.

Regular Servicing

Exit & Emergency Tests

Your business may be lucky enough to never experience an emergency. But, if it does, your emergency lighting and systems will need to work properly. We work with businesses across Sydney, providing testing for exit lighting and emergency electrical systems. 

Under AS2293, exit and emergency lights need to provide 90 minutes of illumination when power is lost. Our team can test your equipment to make sure it complies with this standard. For peace of mind, we can set up regular annual reminders to ensure you keep on top of your compliance needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

Asset Management

Your business relies on its electrical equipment and appliances, and maintaining those systems is no small task. To keep your business safe and ensure your equipment is always compliant, we provide complete asset management programs for businesses across Sydney.

Our asset management programs include regular thermal scanning, test and tag, RCD testing, exit and emergency lighting services, and we’ll keep track of the work that needs to be done. The results of our regular tests are gathered into a detailed report for safety and insurance purposes. 

Our electricians will also stay on top of setting future test dates, so you can leave the hard work of asset testing to us. We provide detailed reports that are delivered quickly after testing, meaning your records are always up to date.


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